A custom fitted mouthguard, specifically designed by your dentist to precisely fit into your mouth can significantly reduce the risk or dental injuries which are commonly caused in the pursuit of sport or an active lifestyle. Providing the maximum level of protection through their precise fit they ensure comfort and effective shock absorption.

The standard ‘store bought’ mouthguards or ‘boil and bite’ ones can only offer a minimal level of protection and fail to cover the back teeth. Furthermore, they are reported to be uncomfortable and impede on your ability to speak and breathe.

Getting a custom fitted mouthguard involves taking an accurate impression of your mouth to create a plaster mould. Then, depending on your age, individual oral situation and type of sport you’re involved in, your dentists will recommend which category of guard is appropriate for you situation. Finally it is created and provided to you or your children to enhance protection, breathing, comfort and communication throughout an active lifestyle.

Available in a range of colours to suit most Australian team custom fitted mouthguards a small price to pay to help ensure the safety of your smile. Contact us to arrange a fitting for you.